Spiritual Superpowers Interview Part 2 (June 20th 2021)
My wife Christine (Wisdom Within the Winds) and myself were invited on the Spiritual Superpowers show to discuss what it's like to be a mystic power couple and how we support each others mystic interests and businesses. We also discuss our unique combined tarot/oracle card reading that we offer as a service to our clients called "The Hermit and the High Priestess". There is a hidden discount code to this service within the video.
Spiritual Superpowers Interview Part 1 (June 20th 2021)
I've been blessed to be invited on the Spiritual Superpowers Show, hosted by Caron & Dawn, to discuss my transition from being a musician to the tarot world and how I approach my tarot card readings. I explain the outcome of a tarot card reading that I have done prior to the interview with Dawn.